In conversation with Bakhyt Bubicanova (Kazakhstan)

Andakulova Gallery
Dec 17, 2016 7:55AM

Hilton Shymkent, 64 x 100 cm, photo print, edition 1/5, 2016

As an artist, I position myself against the whole society and especially against all those well-known artists. I am not sure if I could truly pull it off but I have a very strong desire to break with all those art historical ties.

I don’t really like when my work is described as a work done by a female artist. I would like to be regarded as an artist without any connotations of gender.

I am not very certain about how my practice will be developing. To develop my artistic vision further. I just want to learn about myself and to look deeper into my consciousness.

I hope people will want to spend time with my works and try to read it. I am seeking new means to express my own voice, to present my stories, desires.       

Andakulova Gallery