In conversation with Suinbike Suleimenova (Kazakhstan)

Andakulova Gallery
Dec 17, 2016 8:02AM

Smartphone poetry, photo print, 2015

I am very happy because I live in the era of technology and I can use it. I am fascinated by everything technological because it brings us closer to discoveries of many mysteries. Technology is my palette, I can just touch one button and everything will be changed in an instant. I find it fascinating.

I love to swim in the sea of digital information and I don’t get it when people are complaining about digital stress.

My creative process involves to look at what was done before, to study what my peers are making. I look everywhere for a source of inspiration – from food packaging to neon advertising.

I am a very strong believer in equal rights for men and women and I use my work to support women’s rights. Currently, I am working on a script for a documentary film to tackle this problem in Kazakhstan. 

Andakulova Gallery