Paul Benney 'Speaking in Tongues - Editions'

Jul 25, 2017 12:15PM

Anima-Mundi presents an exhibition of silver print editions of Paul Benney's iconic installation at the Venice Biennale.

Open 30 June - 29 July 2017

Paul Benney 'Speaking in Tongues', 2014, oil and resin on wood, 244 x 366 cm

Following the awe-inspiring and much acclaimed launch of Paul Benney’s solo exhibition 'Speaking in Tongues’ at the 2017 Venice Biennale, Anima-Mundi is delighted to bring elements of the Biennale back to St Ives with an exhibition of unique silver print editions of Benney’s epic paintings.  

On the back of 2016’s 'Scrying Mirror’, Benney’s much acclaimed solo exhibition at Anima-Mundi, Director Joseph Clarke was invited to collaborate with Curator James Putman and Co-Curator Flora Fairbairn to realise this ambitious project to show Benney’s work in one of Venice’s oldest chapels.

To mark this occasion closer to home, Anima-Mundi will dedicate one level of it’s imposing three-story building to this exhibition featuring a spectacular 20-panel reproduction of ‘Speaking in Tongues’ measuring 2.5 x 3.5 meters alongside newly produced silver print editions of the ‘Reliquary’ paintings.  

Echoing the immersive qualities of Chiesa di San Gallo; a low-lit, contemplative space at Anima-Mundi will give visitors who can’t make it to Venice a chance to consider Benney’s contemplative work alongside the artists' assertion that "art can promote an understanding between disparate ideologies and engagement in a shared spiritual dialogue.”  

‘Speaking in Tongues’ (the original painting and holophonic sound installation) has been acquired as part of a public collection in the USA, so this release of archival quality silver prints gives collectors an opportunity to invest in this prominent exhibition, as highlighted by Catherine Milner in the Financial Times 'How To Spend It' feature in her noteworthy picks from the Biennale: "In a church just off St Mark’s, British artist Paul Benney has created remarkable painting-cum-audio-installation 'Speaking in Tongues', which depicts 12 of his friends describing significant spiritual moments in their lives".

Anima-Mundi invites St Ives visitors to be part of a wider international arts event, which further galvanises our believe that "art, when unguarded, offers the potential to join up the dots of why we are here, where we have been and where we might be going.”  

Take a tour of the installation in Venice in the below film: