Sax Impey 'The Boatman Calls' Exhibition Tour

Oct 3, 2017 11:55AM

Take a tour of Sax Impey's monumental exhibition which is currently on show at Anima-Mundi in St Ives.


A dream it seemed to me, a night so cold trees turned to white before my eyes.
Frost rimed the land and air, and the ancient tree.
Waters  rose, and perceiving Reason’s noble visage drowning neath the waves, we  took ship to ride out the storm… returned light displayed the uppermost  boughs of mighty trees piercing the surface of dark waters… from the  sky without a sound a lance of flame, and neath there jiggered sabbath  shapes.
Abandoned Babel, submerged in evening depths… and a  solitary boatman, dark before a setting sun, approaches on a sea of  glass, and sounds a final horn… the boatman calls…

Sax Impey, 2017