My Highlights at NADA Miami Beach, 2013

Anita Zabludowicz
Nov 30, 2013 12:13AM

I always love NADA, so this selection was a pleasure to make. There is no rhyme or reason to it—it’s simply what caught my eye and stopped me in my tracks. I included some artists I know will be HOT STUFF this year; and there are always one or two booths that are totally sold out in minutes (my predictions are on the list; I hope you can spot them!). I was also excited by the editions. In fact, I could have done an entire selection for these so be sure to check out the editions, especially at London’s own House of Voltaire [from Studio Voltaire], which is London’s equivalent to White Columns in New York—a vital force in the city.

Corin Hewitt did a residency with us in Sarvisalo, Finland last year and we are working with him on a commission for the island. Whilst he was in Finland, he made us a fabulous work made by casting a hole in the ground and then putting a traditional Finnish floor mat on it, as well as loads of foundation face makeup; he called it Finnish Matte. The Compressed Interior works he is showing seem to be a follow-on from here. Corin is a really interesting guy and his work is unpredictable but utterly fascinating. His 2008 show at the Whitney Museum was phenomenal; he built a workshop in there and inhabited it, making art for weeks. Just fantastic.

What makes NADA a unique fair:

The extremes—you can find Warhol prints next to unknown artists who have made huge installations. I love that they have these tiny booths for solo presentations by artist-run spaces like XYZ Collective from Tokyo or Cope Cybulski; and of course looking out to the pool from the fabulous 1960s entrance is always a pleasure.

My selection:

Vicky Wright, Tensor II, 2013, at Josh Lilley

Corin Hewitt, Compressed Interior #5, 2013, at Laurel Gitlen

Joel Holmberg, Earlier Today, 2013, at American Contemporary

Despina Stokou, Bermuda, 2013, at Derek Eller

Jessica Dickinson, Trace (Under 3), 2012, at James Fuentes LLC

The Still House Group, presenting themselves

Jon Rafman, Oppenheim Bedroom, 2013, at Zach Feuer, and Annals of Time Lost, 2013, at Seventeen

Ben Sansbury, Model of an Unknown Monument 09, 2013, at COPE CYBULSKI

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Anita Zabludowicz