My Highlights from Frieze London

Anita Zabludowicz
Oct 15, 2013 10:13PM

I wanted to select a range of approaches, ages, and experience but, as always, I went with my heart and intuition; that's really the only way to collect. Some of the galleries I know well; others not at all and that is also part of the Frieze experience! I know the practices of all of the artists that I selected. Some of these we collect in depth and some we have commissioned quite recently for permanent works; the others we are just starting out with and are excited to see how they develop.

My selection:

Andrea Longacre-White, Pad Scan (retouch), 2013, at VARIOUS SMALL FIRES

Alice Channer, Stalacmite, 2013, at The Approach

Jose Dávila, Balloon Drawings, 2013, at Max Wigram Gallery

Michael Dean, The Introduction of Muscle, 2013 at Supportico Lopez

Simon Denny,13.10 KEYNOTE, 2013, at Galerie Buchholz

Jeppe Hein, Geometric Mirrors VII, 2011, at Johann König

Mary Ramsden, Untitled, 2013 at Pilar Corrias Gallery

Lari Pittman, hought-form Of Image Patterns Revealed At The Time Of Death, 2012, at Thomas Dane Gallery

Oscar Tuazon, dépendance, 2013, at dépendance

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Anita Zabludowicz