My Highlights from the IFPDA Print Fair 2013

I went for artists that we do not already have in the collection whose broader oeuvre I have followed in the galleries. I rarely buy a print (no matter how good looking) if I am not drawn to the whole output. I also tend to be drawn presently to artists whose work has a ‘beyond the frame’ back story – of process, performance or narrative beyond the immediate image.
Most are mid-career at least, but several are having a particular ‘moment’ I think. Like Nicole Eisenman:
, The Whaler, 2012, at Pace Prints
, Chandelier Spin, 2012, at Senior & Shopmaker Gallery
, Untitled (LO270), at Crown Point Press
, Untilted for Parkett 91, 2012, at Parkett
, Mesh/Moire I, 2012, at Paulson Bott Press
, Chephren and Cheops Pyramids, Giza: January 28, 2010-2011,  at Carolina Nitsch Contemporary Art
Artists to watch in 2014: 
Although I didn’t choose them here and interest me greatly.
My number one tip for collecting prints:
My number one tip for collection prints: Spring for the money for good framing and glazing even when a print has been relatively inexpensive. Look into getting your windows filmed if you are going to be serious about works on paper. It's not that complicated. It will break your heart (and is a travesty to the history of art) to let any work be destroyed by sunlight or other day to day hazards.