My Highlights from the IFPDA Print Fair 2014

Ann Shafer
Oct 29, 2014 5:34PM

As the organizer of The Baltimore Museum of Art’s biennial Baltimore Contemporary Print Fair (Mar. 28th–29th, 2015) and as a curator acquiring contemporary works on paper for the Museum’s collection, the IFPDA Print Fair is critical for me. Not only does the fair offer the opportunity to see the latest editions, but also I’m able to touch base with vendors and shore up the roster for the Baltimore Fair. For visitors, the IFPDA fair is a tremendous opportunity to learn about prints and printmaking throughout history. Prints offer an excellent route into the art market for young and beginning collectors, as well as opportunities to grow established collections. In addition, many of the contemporary booths at the fair are staffed by the shops’ master printers, affording an occasion to converse about the collaborative process. There is no better fair for looking, learning, and falling in love with prints. 

My Selection:

Louisiana Bendolph (Gee’s Bend), LOOK UNDERNEATH, 2013, at Paulson Bott Press

Anish Kapoor, Fold, II, 2014, at The Paragon Press

James Turrell, Suite from Aten Reign, 2014, at Pace Prints 

William Kentridge, Casspirs Full of Love, 1989-2000, at Neptune Fine Art 

Ed Ruscha, Rusty Signs - For Sale, 2014, at Mixographia       

Christian Marclay, Sploosh, 2012, at Graphicstudio USF

John Baldessari, The News: Elderly Woman Slicing Apple..., 2014, at Gemini G.E.L. at Joni Moisant Weyl       

Chitra Ganesh, Architects of the Future – Away From the Watcher, 2014, at Durham Press, Inc. 

Amze Emmons, The Customs House, 2009, at Dolan/Maxwell  

Christine Baumgartner, Wald bei Colditz V, 2014, at Alan Cristea Gallery

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Ann Shafer