Russian realistic paintings

Anna Bog
Jul 23, 2013 7:46AM

"Autumnal talks". Babiuk, Stanislav S.

"Troika in 1906." V. Fedotov Sychkov

"On the job". Bogdanov-Belsky, Nikolai Petrovich

"The taste of summer". Bzhezovsky Vladimir V.

Isaac Levitan: "The best paintings, landscapes "Peaceful Abode", 1890

One of the greatest masterpieces of Levitan was created shortly after returning from the first trip abroad painting "Peaceful Abode". Preserved evidence that after her appearance on the traveling exhibition in 1891 Levitan's name was "on the lips of all the intellectuals of Moscow." People came to the exhibition only to once again see the picture which says something very important to their hearts, and thanked the artist for the "blessed mood, sweet peace of mind that caused this quiet corner of the Russian land, isolated from the world and all the hypocritical our affairs. "

Anna Bog