Soviet paintings - different artists

Anna Bog
Jul 23, 2013 9:20AM

Gulyaev. New Year's Eve. 1967

A. Dejneka. In the vast suburban settings. 1949.

A. Dejneka. Expanse

A. Dejneka. Relay.

A. and S. Tkachev. Children of the world. 1982.

A. Saykina. Children's sports school. 1979

B. Shatila. In the tram. 1937

Kozlov. To the school. 1960

Shcherbakov. Young mother. 1978

Igor Popov. Our yard. 1964

N. Solomin. They brought the bride. 1980

N.Ulyanov. BullfinchesF. Resetnicov. Again deuce. 1951

Alexander Levchenko. New Year's morning

Elena Khmeleva "New Year"Kerzhner Alexander (Shmul) Haskelevich. In the first class, 1950

Sergei Volkov. New Year on the street

September 1.

A.Kitaev. Moscow. Red Square. 1964

Abram M. Kharkov. 1951. Reward teacher.

Anna Kazimirovna Bohr. Mother's Day. Sketch cards. 1940

Bogaevskaya Olga (Russia, 1915 - 2000) "On the Beach" 1954V.

Panteleev. Roads of War.

Vladimir Serov. Kitchen and House Committee. 1940s-50s

V. Kanev (but not Vladimir Aminodavovich) "Children"

Likman Gregory Gustavovich, City grows

Ministry of Communications of the USSR, 1984, the artist V.Hmelev

Michael Mezhaninov. Sale of Mimosa. 1954

N. White. Spring. 1960

Kuzma V. Nikolaev (1890-1972) "Village Street" of 1968

Happy New Year!

Nina Sergeeva (USSR, 1921) "In the Pioneer Room" 1953

Soroka Arkady Schoolgirls 1960

Anna Bog
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