Cartography and Postcolonial Identity

Anna Furman
Sep 16, 2014 7:16PM
Estreito de Gibraltar encontra Istmo do Panamá (Da série Geografia de encontros) / Strait of Gibraltar meets Isthmus of Panama (from the series Geography of the encounters), 2011
Silvia Cintra + Box 4

Edward Said, in Reflections on Exile:

"The exile knows that in a secular and contingent world, homes are always provisional. Borders and barriers, which enclose us within the safety of familiar territory, can also become prisons . . . exiles cross borders, break barriers of thought and experience . . . seeing the entire world as a foreign land makes possible originality of vision. Most people are principally aware of one culture, one setting, one home; exiles are aware of at least two, and this plurality of vision gives rise to an awareness of simultaneous dimensions."

This work reminds me of Mona Hatoum and an essay I wrote about remapping place to reclaim space.
Anna Furman