New Publisher in town

Anne MacDougall
Sep 15, 2013 7:25PM

The second publication of Anne MacDougall Editions has just been completed.

The artist is Agnes Denes, a Hungarian-born American conceptual artist based in New York. She is known for works in a wide range of media - from poetry and philosophical writings, to complex hand and computer rendered diagrams (which she terms Visual Philosophy), sculpture, and international environmental installations. 

 Ms. Denes’s insists on marrying ambitious intellectual ideas with exquisite formal execution. In contrast to many of her conceptual and land-art peers, she has always been deeply involved with drawing.  Carol Kino, New York Times.

Agnes Denes (b. 1938)

Floating Continents, 2014

handmade digital print on archival paper

17 1/2 X 16 inches

signed and numbered from the edition of 25

printed at The Lower Eastside Print Shop

published by Anne MacDougall Editions   $2500.00

Anne MacDougall