Studio Tour: FAILE

Ann Street Studio
Apr 23, 2013 8:41PM

Walking through Brooklyn’s Greenpoint neighborhood you pass food truck restaurants,  junk stores that remind me of my childhood, and unremarkable doors with blacked out windows covered in rusted old bars… but then this unremarkable door opens and you walk into an absolute paradise of creative vision, color, passion, history, friendship and projects that begin here and reach the far corners of the globe: gracing the halls of Lincoln Center,  parks in Mongolia, temples in Portugal, and in art galleries and on sidewalk walls all over the city.

Patrick McNeil and Patrick Miller, the creative duo behind FAILE Studio, met in high school in Arizona. Their collaborations began with trading sketch books, which eventually led them to creating art on the street and ultimately to New York and this studio, where, on this afternoon, Tuba Skinny plays over the speakers as a handful of assistants help them work on ongoing projects, including their installation for the Brooklyn Artists Ball.

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Ann Street Studio