Amelia and the Animals by Robin Schwartz - Aperture Foundation

Kaitlyn Battista
Oct 2, 2014 5:24PM

"A photobook of Robin Schwartz's ongoing series with her daughter Amelia."

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Since she was Amelia was years old, she has been her mother’s muse and the subject of her photographs. Her mother, the photographer Robin Schwartz, has been working for twelve years on this ongoing collaborative series, dedicated to documenting her and Amelia’s adventures among the animals. As Amelia has gotten older, she’s become a more active participant. “She didn’t realize how unusual her encounters were until everyone started to tell her how lucky she was to meet so many animals,” says Robin. Amelia now contributes ideas for their shoots, and the images have become more experimental through their mother-daughter collaboration.

The resulting photographs are more than documents of Amelia and her rapport with animals. They offer a meditation on the nature of interspecies communication and serve as evidence of a shared mother-daughter journey into invented worlds, of fables they enact together.

If this Kickstarter campaign is successful, in fall 2014 the New York-based photography publisher Aperture Foundation will publish the photobook Amelia and the Animals, including new photographs from Robin’s ongoing series with Amelia. Aperture is a non-profit organization that relies on contributions from supporting individuals, companies, and foundations, and on sales of photographers’ limited-edition prints, to help make and publish photobooks—works of art in their own right that inspire the reader and promote awareness of photographers.

Kaitlyn Battista