Jonathan Muecke Melds Art And Object At Design Miami

Jan 2, 2014 6:48PM

"Design can offer more than just tools for solving problems, but may help us think about larger issues," mused Zoë Ryan, Art Institute of Chicago curator of architecture and design during a discussion at Design Miami. This dichotomy was evident in the ON/SITE exhibition by visiting Chicago gallery Volume, featuring architect/artist/designer Jonathan Muecke. With the series, Open Objects, the Minneapolis-based Muecke presented a series of designs that deconstruct traditional household furniture, playing on the common reliance on ergonomics, gravity, and mirrors.

The skeletal format of Muecke's work caught our architectural eye, and it came as little surprise that the Wyoming-born designer was in fact trained in architecture in Iowa before an internship in Basel at the office of Herzog & de Meuron. While that firm's shadow looms large over Miami's expanding collection of star-studded architecture, Muecke has turned towards softer, theory-driven statements in the domestic realm.

"Jonathan epitomizes the sort of designer that we work with," Volume's Claire Warner told Architizer, explaining that the gallery seeks designers experimenting in new materials, theories, and concepts. "A byproduct of course is that a lot of the pieces are extremely beautiful," she said. Continue reading on Architizer.