The Inseparable Relationship Between Architecture + Art

Nov 27, 2013 9:03PM

The reach of architecture extends beyond the purely practical realm of zoning laws, building permits, and budgets. Architecture can also be an emotional experience, while phenomenology naturally plays into the practice. The power over space can also be the power to twirl human psychology around its little finger.

Not only do artists like Olafur Eliasson and James Turrell manipulate space within existing structures, but architects often take on the role of artist themselves. Art comes as a natural extension of asking critical questions.

We realize this, and so this year we have added a new category to celebrate this convergence in the A+ Awards: Architecture + Art. To get you acquainted, we have gathered some of our favorite recent project that embody the projects that we are on the lookout for. 

Our Selection:

Amanda Schachter and Alexander Levi of SLO Architecture, Harvest Dome 2.0

rAndom International, The Rain Room

Tomás SaracenoSpace Time Foam

Lebbeus Woods, Light Pavilion in Steven Holl's Sliced Porosity Block

Alex Chinneck, From The Knees Of My Nose To The Belly of My Toes

Olafur Eliasson, Din Blinde Passager

April Greiman, Hand Holding a Bowl of Rice

THEVERYMANY, nonlin/LIN Pavillion