ARCOlisboa 2020 Online | Curators' and Collectors' Picks

May 25, 2020 5:05AM

Week of June 9th | Luiza Teixeira de Freitas and Jimena Blázquez

Curator's Picks: Luiza Teixeira de Freitas

Luiza Teixeira de Freitas, Indipendent curator, Lisbon. Courtesy of Gonçalo F. Santos.

Luiza Teixeira de Freitas lives in Lisbon and is an independent curator. Being associated with various projects, her curatorial work with private collections stands out, as well as her active relationship with independent publications and artist books, having launched her own publisher Taffimai. Recent exhibitions include: Alexandre Estrela ‘Volta Grande’ at PIVÔ, São Paulo; Tandem - a one-year project with five exhibitions at Alexander and Bonin, New York; “There will never be a door. You are inside. Works from the Teixeira de Freitas Collection ”, (Fundação Santander, Madrid, 2019), “ Uma Fresta de Possibilidade ”(Fundação Eugénio de Almeida, Évora, 2017), Projects LA (Los Angeles, 2017), Paloma Bosquê“ The Hollow and the Amendment "(White Pavilion, City Museum, Lisbon, 2017); "Amalia Pica: At Arm's Length" (NC-Arte, Bogotá, 2017); "What I Am" (MAAT, Lisbon, 2017); "El que camina al Lado" (Travesia Cuatro, Madrid, 2016 and Guadalajara, 2016); 'An Infinite Conversation' (Berardo Museum, Lisbon, 2014); Damián Ortega 'Apestraction' (Freud Museum, London, 2013); Luiza was also part of the curatorial team of the Bienal Anozero de Coimbra 'Healing and Repairing' (2017); she was assistant curator of the Marrakech Biennial, "Works and Places" (2009) and collaborated with Tate Modern, London, in the exhibitions of Cildo Meireles and Cy Twombly (2008). She is strategy advisor at the Delfina Foundation in London and part of the Board of Bidoun.

Luiza Teixeira de Freitas's Selections from ARCOlisboa 2020 Online:

Art & Language
"Lovely Slang XX", 2000
Galería Juana de Aizpuru

Collector's Picks: Jimena Blázquez

Jimena Blázquez, Collector and Director of NMAC Foundation. Courtesy of ARCOlisboa.

“I have been attending ARCOlisboa since its first edition, where I had the opportunity of discovering and meeting great artists who are part of my collection. It is a small high-quality fair, focusing in emerging artists with a solid background where one can have access to unique works. The African Focus section is a great opportunity to discover artists from the southern continent and get in touch with galleries who support artists working in unique and creative ways.

My selection of ten works from the fair is based on my interest in artists whose pieces have a social and cultural implication with society. They varied from small drawings to big installations in a unique format.”

Cyrus Kabiru
Mziki (music), 2018
Fernanda Fragateiro
Unbuilt, after Casas na Herdade do Mercador, Mourão, 2009-2011, atelier Ventura Trindade, Portugal, 2016
Galeria Filomena Soares
Pedro Cabrita Reis
"Ter e Perder", 1990
Galería Juana de Aizpuru

Week of June 2nd | João Laia and Aveline de Bruin

Curator's Picks: João Laia

João Laia, Chief Curator, Exhibitions - Kiasma – National Museum of Contemporary Art, Helsinki. Courtesy of Finnish National Gallery, photo by Pirje.Mykkanen.

João Laia is the chief curator for exhibitions at Kiasma – National Museum of Contemporary Art, Helsinki. Recent projects include MASKS (2020) and 10000 Years Later Between Venus and Mars (2017-18) at Oporto City Hall Gallery, In Free Fall (2019), CaixaForum, Barcelona, Vanishing Point (2019), Cordoaria Nacional, Lisbon, Drowning in a sea of Data (2019) and Transmissions from the Etherspace (2017) La Casa Encendida, Madrid, foreign bodies (2018) at P420, Bologna, Utopia/Dystopia (2017) at MAAT, Lisbon, H Y P E R C O N N E C T E D (2016), MMOMA – Moscow Museum of Modern Art and Hybridize or Disappear (2015), MNAC – National Museum of Contemporary Art in Lisbon. Laia curated the Opening section at ARCOLisboa (2017-19).

João Laia's Selections from ARCOlisboa 2020 Online: Anatomy of a time (an imaginary collection)

Leda Catunda
Línguas Rosa, 2018
Kubik Gallery
Belén Uriel
Untitled (braço e garrafa azul), 2018
Ana Manso
aranha, 2020
Pedro Cera
José Pedro Croft
Untitled, 2020
Galeria Vera Cortês

Collector's Picks: Aveline de Bruin

Aveline de Bruin, Curator of the Collection de Bruin-Heijn and Director Quetzal Art Center. Courtesy of ARCOlibsoa.

Some works reflect for me the time we are in now, like the work of Joao-Maria Gusmao and Pedro Paiva and also the work of one of my hero’s of contemporary art Lawrence Weiner. The works of Francisco Tropa intrigues me and would love to see it in real. Catherine Biocca, Rita Ferreira and Thomas Braida are younger artist already in the collection, but love their work. Vasco Aurajo is also an artist I would love to learn more about. Vera is a great gallerist and the wisdom piece looks beautiful. Hugo showed an amazing collaborative work the Grotto when we had show at Quetzal Cave myths, and since followed his work, this one is a bit to big maybe.. and Hugo has a great brother who if this would not have been online would have installed many of these artworks.

Aveline de Bruin's selections from ARCOlisboa 2020 Online

Lawrence Weiner
Galeria Horrach Moya
Vasco Araújo
Works for Nothing (Your Hand in Mine), 2019
Francisco Fino
Joana Escoval
Wisdom piece, 2014
Galeria Vera Cortês

Week of May 26th | Bruno Leitão and Jorge Fernández Vidal

Curator's Picks: Bruno Leitão

Bruno Leitão, Curatorial Director of Hangar - Artistic Research Center. Courtesy of ARCOlisboa.

He is curatorial director of Hangar - Artistic Research Center. At Hangar he has curated and organized several exhibitions, including Cuaderno de Ejercicios by Luis Camnitzer (2019), Ilha de Vénus de Kiluanji Kia Henda (2018); Cubismo Ideológico by Carlos Amorales (2017); Plagiarizing the Future, co-curated with Andrea Rodríguez Novoa, with artists Edouard Decam, Elena Bajo, João Maria Gusmão and Pedro Paiva, Jordi Colomer, Letícia Ramos, Louidgi Beltrame, Marlon de Azambuja and Rosa Barba (2016); Untitled by João Onofre and Principio Tautológico with Igor Jesus, Sara and André, Cristina Garrido, Javier Núñez Gasco, João Paulo Serafim, João Ferro Martins, Daniel Barroca, Paolo Chiasera and Los Torreznos (2015).

As an independent curator, he recently curated Taxidermy of the Future at the Natural History Museum of Angola and the Lubumbashi Biennial (Lubumbashi, R.D.Congo, 2019); Pouco a Pouco, Ângela Ferreira's first solo exhibition in Spain at CGAC (Santiago de Compostela, 2019); Affective Utopia at the Kadist Foundation (Paris, 2019) with artists Sammy Baloji & Filip De Boeck, Luis Camnitzer, Ângela Ferreira, Alfredo Jaar, Kiluanji Kia Henda, Grada Kilomba, Reynier Leyva Novo and Paulo Nazareth; Topology of the Aura with Carles Congost, Javier Núñez Gasco, Igor Jesus, Sara and André at the Bacelos gallery (Madrid, 2016); El Buen Caligrama at The Goma Gallery (Madrid, 2015); You Love Me, You Love Me Not at the Porto Municipal Gallery (Porto, 2015); Atelier Utopia in Porto EDP Foundation (2012); Contr/act at 3 + 1 Arte Contemporânea (Lisbon, 2014); among others.

He has contributed to several magazines and catalogs. Among them, we highlight Atlantica: Contemporary arts from Angola and its diaspora (Hangar Books), The Gap (curated by Luc Tuymans at Parasol Unit, London, and Mukha, Antwerp), Atlántica magazine, Dardo Magazine, Artishock (Chile) and Artecapital and the upcoming book Curating Coloniality in Contemporary Iberia, co-edited by Carlos Garrido Castellano by the University of Wales Press.

Bruno Leitão's selections from ARCOlisboa 2020 Online

Mauro Cerqueira
Gótico, 2019
Ângela Ferreira
Fetiche Filosófico, 2018
Cristina Guerra Contemporary Art
Carla Filipe
Tomorrow there will be no more Art #4, 2019
Francisco Fino
Manal AlDowayan
Mohammed and Oil, 2012
Sabrina Amrani
Andreia Santana
Paranomia #5 (gemini), 2018
Galeria Filomena Soares

Collector's Picks: Jorge Fernández Vidal

Jorge Fernández Vidal, Collector of Contemporary African Art. Courtesy of ARCOlisboa.

As a Contemporary African art collector (and fan of Lisbon) ARCOlisboa has become my favorite art fair in the world. Like many, I am sad the fair was cancelled this year, but very excited about this wonderful online version and happy to be given the opportunity to make a (difficult!) selection of some of my favorite works.

The African art market has really taken off in the last few years (and ARCOlisboa has made an important contribution) and I am glad to finally see that many African artists are getting the global recognition they deserve. There is still a lot of work to be done, though!

I’m sharing here a selection of some of my favorite works and could not help by picking some works from artist who have been in my collection for quite some time. They are a mix of artists, “mature” and very young, well-established and emerging, male and female, black and white, locally-based and from the diaspora, schooled and unschooled, northern and southern…which speaks volumes of the incredible diversity of Africa and African contemporary art.

As most collectors would know, picking only 10 works is a very hard exercise, but I hope you enjoy this selection!

Jorge Fernández Vidal's selections from ARCOlisboa 2020 Online

Michael MacGarry
Abacus Rex III, 2020
Everard Read
Troy Makaza
The Veneration of St Tura Part 2 (Small Size), 2020
First Floor Gallery Harare
Margaret Courtney-Clarke
Francois !Uri-khob, breeds pigeons to support his siblings, Black Ranch, Pos #3, Spitzkoppe, 9 August 2017, 2017
Tawanda Takura
Hymn For The Unjust, 2018
Guns and Rain