Briales del Amo Arquitectos and Patricia Reznak will design the ARCOmadrid 2017 VIP Lounge

Jan 16, 2017 12:50PM

(c) IFEMA + ARCOmadrid

Briales del Amo Arquitectos and Patricia Reznak will design the ARCOmadrid 2017 VIP Lounge.

The jury also made special mention of Paisaje Digital – Ooiio Arquitectura.

The project submitted by Briales del Amo Arquitectos and Patricia Reznak  is the winner of the Fair’s V VIP Lounge Design Ideas Competition, organised by AD magazine and ARCOmadrid.

As occurred in the previous four editions, the competition has been a big success receiving projects of the highest standards and professionalism. The decision of the jury, made up of Javier Bonet (Señor Bonet), Alberto Campo Baeza (architect), Izaskun Chinchilla (winning architect of the 2016 project), Maria Entrecanales (member of the Fundación ARCO Advisory Board), Pepe Leal (decorator), Silvia Ortiz (Tavesía Cuatro gallery and member of the ARCOmadrid 2017 Organising Committee), Enric Pastor (director of AD magazine), Álvaro Soto (ETSAM architect) and Carlos Urroz (director of ARCOmadrid), was announced following a thorough analysis of each one of the proposals submitted.

The winning project by Briales del Amo Arquitectos and Patricia Reznak, created together with Loreto Ramón-Solans, Eugenio Ampudia and José María Civit, not only took the Fair philosophy into account but also the importance of creating a “pleasant, comfortable space, isolated from the general hustle and bustle, capable of fostering conversation and exchange”. Their proposal revolves around three concepts: a delimitation of the space and the different ambiances that form the VIP Lounge, the furnishings and the lighting. The division and delimitation of the space is achieved through a “light, plastic, string curtain that also indicates the entrances, limits the spaces and envelops them, and imbues them with meaning through large volumes of fringes hanging from the ceilings”. These spaces, separated into a “patio and a lounge”, are furnished with just one chair type and one table type, both designed by Eugenio Ampudia”. Finally, the lighting also helps differentiate the spaces using different levels of brightness, designed by the photography director José María Civit in collaboration with the brand, Erco, which will provide the lights. Apart from this brand, the project has also benefited from the sponsorship of the construction company, Zimenta.

In addition, special mention was made of the Project submitted by Paisaje Digital - Ooiio Arquitectura, also very highly rated by the jury, which also wished to acknowledge the high quality, effort and professionalism of each one of the projects presented.