Armenia Art Fair 2022 Program Highlights

Armenia Art Fair
May 25, 2022 9:40AM

Armenia Art Fair is delighted to return in 2022 with a wonderful show filled with exciting art from galleries in Armenia and the region as well as from China, the Middle East and North Africa.We also have a packed program of events featuring international specialists discussing hot issues in the contemporary art market. Come and join the discussion - it’s free!

Education and Culture Program

The program is curated and chaired by Dr Iain Robertson, a UK-based art expert and writer. Key topics this year include price differences between virtual and actual artworks, the visual arts most likely to attract future support and the essential ingredients for cultural sustainability. We’ll also look at whether it’s better to be an art dealer or an art broker.

Art and Technology

We explore contemporary practice at the crossroads of analog and digital, visual images, matter, sound and technology. In 2022, we will focus on NFT and the digitalization of art in both public and private spheres and its effect on developments in art. Our panellists are the writer and curator Radesh Sidhu, art dealer Andreas Sandri and Artfacts and Limna co-founder Marek Claassen.

Meet the Gallerists

A workshop with founders and directors of renowned international galleries including Sundaram Tagore, an art historian, gallerist, and award-winning filmmaker; Chang Tsong-Zung, curator, art director of Hanart T Z Gallery and initiator of the “West Heavens” series of Indian-Chinese exchanges; and Janet Rady, specialist in contemporary art, founder of Janet Redy Fine Art gallery in London and Dubai.

Chang Tsong-Zung

Janet Redy

Sundaram Tagore

Armenia Art Fair is proud to present in partnership with Hong Kong’s Hanart TZ Gallery a highly anticipated show of Chinese Contemporary Artists.

Hanart TZ Gallery is a pioneering gallery in the field of Chinese contemporary art. Johnson Chang, an active curator since the 1980s and co-founder of the Asia Art Archive, is regarded as an influential figure on the Hong Kong art scene.

This presentation includes two works of video art: Rite of Archery by Jeffrey Shaw based on one of the seventeen chapters of the ancient text Yi Li (Book of Etiquette and Ceremonial), a comprehensive record of the rituals that prevailed during the Zhou Dynasty, and which was compiled by followers of Confucius in the 5th century BCE, and Retainers of Anarchy by Howiw Tsui a Chinese ‘gothic fantasy' based on modern martial arts novels and a historical quarter in Hong Kong.

Also presented is Scrolls by BuZi who through his calligraphic art constructs a kind of personal totem that is distinctively contemporary.

AAF also is proud to present two partner exhibitions:

- “Assymetrical Balance” by Raffi Yedalian, a Lebanese-Armenian painter and sculptor. This solo exhibition is dedicated to the challenges of life and the psychological deconstruction of the human.

- “There is no place like home” by artist Katharina Maderthaner and Curator Eva Khachatryan, presented at the Dalan Art Gallery.

By juxtaposing seemingly incompatible objects defining “inside” and “outside”, Katharina gives them new life and meaning, while at the same time characterizing the inventive existence of the Armenian reality, covered with elements of kitsch aesthetics.

The “Armenia Art Fair” Art Foundation with generous support of the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation presents a new book at AAF 2022 titled “A Pathway Through Armenian Modern and Contemporary Art”.

Written by Dr Iain Robertson with contribution from Nazareth Karoyan, the book is an introduction to Modern and Contemporary Armenian art, highlighting this little-recognized but important period of cultural development in the country and its diaspora.

Ameriabank has joined Armenia Art Fair as General Partner, facilitating Armenian audience’s familiarization with works of contemporary art.

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