Armenia Art Fair: Show of Chinese Contemporary Artists

Armenia Art Fair
May 25, 2022 9:20AM

Armenia Art Fair is proud to present in partnership with Hong Kong’s Hanart TZ Gallery a highly anticipated show of Chinese Contemporary Artists.

Hanart TZ Gallery is a pioneering gallery in the field of Chinese contemporary art. Johnson Chang, an active curator since the 1980s and co-founder of the Asia Art Archive, is regarded as an influential figure on the Hong Kong art scene.

This presentation includes two works of video art: Rite of Archery by Jeffrey Shaw based on one of the seventeen chapters of the ancient text Yi Li (Book of Etiquette and Ceremonial), a comprehensive record of the rituals that prevailed during the Zhou Dynasty, and which was compiled by followers of Confucius in the 5th century BCE, and Retainers of Anarchy by Howiw Tsui a Chinese ‘gothic fantasy’ based on modern martial arts novels and a historical quarter in Hong Kong.

Also presented is Scrolls by BuZi who through his calligraphic art constructs a kind of personal totem that is distinctively contemporary.

Armenia Art Fair