Armenia Art Fair Partner Exhibition: “Asymmetrical Balance”

Armenia Art Fair
May 25, 2022 9:10AM

AAF Partner Exhibition “Asymmetrical Balance” Peace Consolidation - 150 x 300 cm - Acrylic on canvas – 2022

The solo exhibition of Lebanese-Armenian painter and sculptor Raffi Yedalian possible in partnership with AGBU Armenia is about the challenges of life and the psychological deconstruction of the human.

Artist’s works – the “uncommon human figures” – “are represented in an asymmetrical balance, inspired by challenges of human life and his survival, as well as the psychological deconstruction of the human, such as memories, emotions, thoughts, and the state of spirits…”

The human figure is always the main subject of Yedalian’s works - body movements, facial expressions, emotions and thoughts have been the center of his attention. “The spirit of surrealism has influenced the way I deconstruct my figures, I always see the human as a surrealistic being.” Sculptural metal elements are incorporated in some of the paintings, to show the artificial intelligence of humans.

AAF Partner Exhibition “Asymmetrical Balance” Detachment of Memories- 140 x 100 cm - Acrylic on canvas - 2021

“For Yedalian considers sculpture and painting two sides of the same coin…. Recently, he has also taken to incorporating clothes and other elements, like pieces of metal, in his acrylic and oil canvases…Leaving no technique or material untouched, from etching to found materials, he finds in all of them expressive potential, he believes, to “reflect hidden realities of mankind,” Marie Tomb’s description in Gallery Art Magazine issue#3, 2019.

Armenia Art Fair