Armenia Art Fair Partner Exhibition: “There is no place like home”

Armenia Art Fair
May 25, 2022 9:00AM

There is no place like home, 2022 Car tires, crocheted blankets, ceramics, lights, cable drums Copyright: Katharina Maderthaner

Katharina Maderthaner is one of those artists who constantly manages to surprise you in new ways. She has always liked odd and unexpected combinations when creating installations and objects, but her recent works are especially striking in their bold approach to objects that are distant in content, but to some extent similar in form and association.

The place chosen for this exhibition, the Dalan Art Gallery in Yerevan (Armenia), is also not accidental. In this 19th century building, where a homely aura is still present, it is possible to show home accessories, such as lace tablecloths, in a completely different context.

This time, the items put together are also frayed tires, cable drums and ceramic expanders made by the artist. And ceramics, mostly known as handicraft, are used by her in the most unexpected way. At first glance, in an incomprehensible way, objects seemingly alien to each other when combined in a small space acquire a new meaning; on the one hand home and comfort, on the other hand - the hectic outside. This whole bewildering installation is also saturated with humor, inherent in many of the artist's works.

The project “There is no place like home” presented at the Dalan Art Gallery is inspired by the Armenian context, to which Katharina was introduced in 2016. By juxtaposing seemingly incompatible objects defining “inside” and “outside”, Katharina gives them a new life, while at the same time characterizing the inventive existence of the Armenian reality, covered with elements of kitsch aesthetics.

The project is presented in partnership and with the support of Goethe-Zentrum Eriwan.

Armenia Art Fair