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Dec 11, 2017 4:17PM

             City Views and Night Life in Exploding Colours of Love

We are honoured to present Angelica Wiik, born 1960 in Stockholm, Sweden, with a small but elegant and carefully selected Holiday Solo Exhibition at our New York Online Gallery on Artsy with the title: Angelica Wiik – “City Views & Night Life in Exploding Colours of Love”, and the show is open between the 11th of December 2017 to the 11th of March 2018.

The Exhibition contains of Lithography with five City Scenes from the Night Life of Stockholm, the Capital of Sweden. Expressed in Cascades of Vigorous Colours with Sparkling Screen Prints and all five Artwork with the very Unique Idiom of Angelica; a mix of Surrealism, Cubism and Fantasy. But behind all the Colours and Tinder Angelica has a Serious and Thoughtful Mission.

Details from "Night Life" (2016) Ed. of 290 by Angelica Wiik

Angelica Wiik presents herself as artist, animal rights activist and foster hostess, living in Stockholm as well as Hudiksvall in Sweden:

“I am raised in Hälsingland as my family moved there in the 70's. This is where my parents ran a summer gallery, which made me interested in art at an early age. As a child I spent a lot of time in my mother’s studio, so I started painting early in life.

I love colours so naturally my pictures are colourful from a story-like, mythological world;

- A lot of women, animals and music always with exploding colours, and women sensually.

- A lot of people and colour, and eventually more and more animals. Earlier there was more of theatre and jazz life in bright red.

I have always loved painting a lot at night; I sing, dance and feel free. At daytime I'm easily disturbed, but during night time I'm always calm.

Details from "South Side" (2017) Ed. of 190 by Angelica Wiik

I had a period in my life when I couldn't paint at all. I ran several galleries and I got burned out. But eventually I started painting again and then my art exploded. Earlier the pictures were more volatile, but now stronger. I view myself as a better artist; I can be myself and stand for my values.

I only serve vegan food at my exhibitions and I forbid fur clothing. I have always been an animal rights activist, but after being burned out I started to get very passionate about my activism for real and I became vegan.”

- “We dance on the earth together. So respect all life, as you want to be respected.”

Angelica Wiik, artist

Details from "Night Club" (2017) Ed. of 190 by Angelica Wiik

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