Art and More Gallery presents Satoshi Koyama

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Aug 21, 2017 9:25PM

Summer Show at Artsy 2017

Satoshi Koyama in work with one of his large oil paintings in the Life City Series.

Art and More Gallery started its three summer shows with the most experienced artist Mr. Satoshi Koyama, born during post war Japan in a small town and brought up close to the nature, has dedicated his artist career to the Life City Series.

This artwork series is created in both oil paintings often very large, and later also smaller wooden sculptures celebrating the Human Being and the Mega Cities in Symbiosis. Satoshi Koyamas idiom is intensive bicolored geometric pop art with the sky scrapes and house bodies floating like waves over the landscape and the hills with a 3D sense combined with organic shapes.

The name of the show is “Life City Jewellery” - Geometric Pop Art - Wall Sculptures by Satoshi Koyama, and it is between the 30th of July and the end of September. In parallel during week 34 the gallery releases the oil paintings that were part of the exhibition "Human Footprints" in Booth #110 at Artexpo New York 2017.

Life City “Jewelry C-2” (2017) by Satoshi Koyama

Mr. Satoshi Koyama was born and raised in Amakusa city, a small town in the prefecture of Kumamoto (an island in Southern Japan). He grew up close to nature with great surroundings and did not come in contact with Tokyo, the mega city, until in his early twenties. He was shocked: "My first impression of the huge city was unforgettable. The huge city seemed to continuously increase perpendicularly horizontally and filling crevices, islands, forests...”

The ‘Life City’ series that is the lifework of Mr. Koyama was born accidentally in late 1970s. Aerial photography of Tokyo and a view from the Kasumigaseki Building, which was the tallest building in Japan at the time, was the starting point for paintings in the ‘Life City series’.

Life City “Jewelry” (2015) by Satoshi Koyama

Mr. Koyama claims that a city should be the place in the present age where people are supported equally, while considering the continuous struggle and delicate balances between economic growth and use of space for buildings etc., handle the vulnerability in relation to natural catastrophes as well as the basic requirements for people and nature to survive and flourish in harmony.

His work in the ‘Life City Series’ raises the ever so valid question about how sustainable mega city growth models must balance with nature – How to obtain symbiosis between various interests which may well include efforts to reserve, rebirth, reclaim areas as well as rethinking over time to rebalance city growth with requirements for sustainable and acceptable life conditions bearing in mind climate changes etc.

Life City "Symbiosis" (2014) by Satoshi Koyama

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