Japanese entry at Art and More Gallery - Summer Shows

Art and More Gallery
Aug 6, 2017 3:59PM

This very first summer for Art and More Gallery at Artsy we present three Japanese artists in separate solo shows that varies a lot in both style and generation. But what they all three have in common is that they have what we at Art and More Gallery found a unique art idiom and expression – something new but not odd because we can all have some kind of relation to it and we can all identify us with it in some way…

The first summer show is “Life City Jewellery - Geometric Pop Art - Wall Sculptures by Satoshi” Koyama; from 30th of July to the end of September.

The next summer show is "The Inside Beauty of Nature - Wall Sculptures by Nerhol” with artwork from the series: Slicing the Onion and The Roadside Tree. Starts the 6th of August and ends the 6th of October.

The last summer show is pre-named “Life, Memory and Diary” etchings by our young secret artist that starts at the end of August and goes on for four weeks. The name of the artist will be revealed at the end of August.

Art and More Gallery