Curated Highlights: Chantal Pattyn's Selection from Art Antwerp

Art Antwerp
Dec 12, 2022 5:15PM

Chantal Pattyn (1968) is an art historian and the manager of Klara, the cultural radio channel of VRT (Flemish State Radio en TV). Classical and contemporary music, jazz, global and the art’s scene are part of Klara’s DNA. Pattyn is also the host of the daily art show Pompidou with a focus on literature, architecture, philosophy, theatre, opera and contemporary art. Together with Benedicte Goesaert (Art Liaison) she ‘s the curator of the next presentation of the collection of Frédéric de Goldschmidt at Cloud7 in Brussels.

The reason why I devour opera, theatre, concerts, books and exhibitions is because art, regardless of discipline, always poses new questions, about us being in this complex world, with no guarantee of answers. Art is supposed to make me feel uncomfortable. Which allows me to reconcile with life itself.

–– Chantal Pattyn

Below, discover Chantal Pattyn's selection of highlights from Art Antwerp 2022.

Barthélémy Toguo
L'Homme aux fruits rouges, 2018
Galerie Lelong & Co.
Yoo Geun Taek
Splash!, 2011
Newchild Gallery
Ria Bosman
Tatjana Pieters
Johan Creten
Bolders 7 Sins [Dutch], 2020 -2022
Galerie Transit
Martin Gerwers
O.T., 2020
Philipp von Rosen Galerie
Bram Demunter
Willow, 2022
Tim Van Laere Gallery
Art Antwerp