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Art Brussels
Dec 12, 2017 5:58PM

Art Brussels, From Discovery to Rediscovery

Courtesy Art Brussels


Though it retains its youthful profile as a discovery fair, Art Brussels is one of Europe’s oldest and most established fairs, celebrating in April 2018 its 50th anniversary. Since its inception, Art Brussels has evolved into a must-see international contemporary art fair, and one of the top European art fairs.  

For the second time, Art Brussels will take place in the beautiful Tour & Taxis landmark building, a turn of the 20th century customs house, situated in Brussels’ vibrant inner-city area and a location offering ideal viewing conditions for art. Collector attendance is strong with visitors notably from Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Scandinavia, The Netherlands and the United Kingdom as well as from countries further afield such as Australia, Turkey and the USA.  


As Belgium’s leading fair, Art Brussels continues to build on its profile and track record as one of “Europe’s foremost discovery fairs”, as stated in the New York Times. Art Brussels brings something different to the international art fair practices by privileging solid artistic content and profiling surprising artistic practices which one does not see at other art fairs. At the same time, the fair welcomes a large number of important international established galleries, many of which presenting outstanding booths in the PRIME section and some museum-quality presentations in the REDISCOVERY section. Together with the DISCOVERY section, this mix provides the necessary equilibrium a fair needs between the young and upcoming and the renowned and recognised."  

In this respect, 145 galleries are encouraged to play with the element of surprise by presenting either new work or undervalued historical work in the following sections:  

  • DISCOVERY, where the focus is on young, emerging and lesser-known artists showing recent works (2014-2017).  
  • PRIME, focusing on established artists from modern to contemporary.  
  • REDISCOVERY, dedicated to art from 1917 to 1987, presenting living or deceased artists who are under-recognised, underestimated or forgotten.  
  • Moreover, Art Brussels has always emphasized SOLO presentations thus offering the opportunity to get a more in-depth approach of the work of an artist.  

On top of the gallery proposals, Art Brussels brings an exclusive artistic project, a discursive programme of debates, talks, etc. and pays attention to bringing the best of Belgian cuisine by JML, royal warrant holder of the Court of Belgium.  

Each year, on the occasion of the not-to-be-missed Art Brussels rendezvous around the 20th of April, the European capital becomes a focal point for art lovers. Art Brussels thus represents a unique opportunity to explore the artistic richness of Brussels, which is becoming home to ever more artists, galleries and curators from all over the world.  

Art Brussels