Elodie Ouedraogo's Curated Highlights from Art Brussels

Art Brussels
Apr 27, 2022 11:46AM

Elodie Ouedraogo. Photo: Joris Casaer

Passionate about fashion and with a degree in journalism, a job for the Belgian fashion magazine ELLE, felt like coming home. After a long career as a professional athlete I wanted to combine my love for writing with my obsession for beautiful garments. A few years later I made the transition from paper to visual storytelling on .

In 2016 I co-founded UNRUN4254, a Belgian sustainable activewear brand. Since then the brand has gone on to collaborate with strong international brands like Delvaux and Samsung. The biggest honor came in 2020 when UNRUN was given the opportunity to curate an exhibition called 'Activewear' reflecting the importance and relevance of sportswear in today's world at the fashion museum in Hasselt.

Although fashion is completely different from journalism, I consider both a form of art. In combining journalism and fashion, I have always been drawn to design and concept that is directional. That combines smart humor with incredible craftsmanship and depth.This is what I also appreciate in the art I have chosen. It either makes me laugh or think. It isn't necessarily delicate or pretty, but it always evokes an emotion.

–– Elodie Ouedraogo

Below, discover Elodie Ouedraogo's selection of highlights from Art Brussels.

Megan Dominescu
Take Us to Your Lidl, 2022
Anca Poterasu
Bosco Sodi
Sahara #4, 2016
Axel Vervoordt Gallery
William Klein
Ali+Bundini, Miami, Florida, 1964
Charline Tyberghein
I can see the finish line, 2022
Gallery Sofie Van de Velde
Johnson Eziefula
Oyinkansola, 2011-2022
Navine G.Khan-Dossos
Serpentine: Yana Peel resigns over 'toxic, personal attacks', 2018-2020
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