Ravi Bhansali's Curated Highlights from Art Brussels

Art Brussels
Apr 25, 2022 9:06AM

Ravi Bhansali

Ravi Bhansali is a third generation Belgian-Indian diamond dealer based in Antwerp. His family has long been passionate about contemporary art. As a child in the 80s, he would accompany his parents on all their art world adventures, and watched them navigate and discover the world of contemporary art. These early experiences sparked his own curiosity and love for the arts.

For over a decade now, he actively pursues his own passion and interest for contemporary art. He enjoys participating in all kinds of art-related activities such as collaborating with museums and shows, participating in thought-provoking debates and panels, advising and working with several art world start-ups, and traveling to as many shows and fairs as possible.

The right piece of art can be a true refuge – a place where you can both lose yourself, and find yourself.

“I am so excited to have Art Brussels back after the disruptive few years we’ve had. What this fair lacks for in size, it more than makes up for in quality. The fair is filled with amazing works, presented by world-class galleries and is attended by a deeply passionate community of collectors. In a way it is a perfect metaphor for Belgium: a small place, packed with fantastic discoveries!

The need for art has never been greater. As the world seems to get faster and noisier, the right piece of art can be a true refuge – a place where you can both lose yourself, and find yourself.”

– Ravi Bhansali

Below, discover Ravi Bhansali’s highlights from the 2022 edition of Art Brussels.

I love Solange Pessoa’s works. Everything from her paintings, works on paper, sculptures, larger-than-life installations, really show her brilliance and versatility as an artist. Pessoa’s work draws inspiration from prehistory, archaeology, cave paintings, and through these ancient references, her works truly become universal and transcend cultural boundaries.

Seyni Awa Camara
Femme aux grenouilles, 2011

Seyni Camara is an incredible sculptor coming from a remote part of Senegal. There is immense authenticity in both in her personal story, as well as her artistic practice. Her works have deep spiritual notions, and reflect a truly African heritage. They have a pure and fundamental appeal, reflect themes of family and tribe, crafted in her own instantly recognizable way.

Butzer’s characters from his own created universe have become seriously iconic. While his style, backgrounds, colours change, the characters largely stay timeless and capture a sense of innocence and absurdity.

Javier Calleja
Let's talk, 2022
Almine Rech

I love these bright-eyed characters, by Calleja, with a few words that lead towards a story or a simple piece of advice.

I really love Sanam’s works – often depicting primal landscapes, characters and animals. Her beautiful and sometimes eerie paintings play on the fine-line between fear and intrigue.

Anthony Cudahy
The painter (Jenna Gribbon pointing to Friedrich), 2022

A wonderful work by Cudahy. Surrealistic, yet extremely familiar. The composition and colours of this somewhat everyday scene beautifully captures the warmth and intimacy, really making you feel part of the scene.

Stefan’s stone-chiselled, humanised animals seem to always come from a magical dreamworld. His works really bring out a sense of wonder, and appeals to the inner-child.

Marina Perez Simao has a distinct and instantly recognizable style. She has an amazing ability to combine colours that might not easily be imagined together. Her works evoke otherworldly landscapes which I find incredibly appealing.

Wonderful how in this series the shape of the canvas is a vital dimension of the work.

Amazing artist, with a surrealistic sci-fi vibe, always drawn to her works.

I love this series by Tony. Aside from the fantastic, hyper-real workmanship, I love the theme of giving importance to a garden weed, usually regarded as a total nuisance. Something very rebellious and punk about this.

Great painter, with a lot of depth, and spanning themes from across the spectrum of art history.

Sean Crossley
Soft optics (Chantier), 2022
Harlan Levey Projects

Wonderful abstract artist, can seriously bring impact to any space.

Love this spiderweb – such a little gem.

Fantastic artist, must see in real life to truly appreciate the depth.

Thu Van Tran
Colors of grey, 2021
Meessen De Clercq

Thu is an amazing artist with Vietnamese roots. Her works bring in themese from both her western and eastern heritage, and she is incredibly eclectic in both her works and skills.

A local Belgian hero – and with reason! Rinus is a wonderful artist and storyteller. Each painting is walking midway into a book, and you’re just seeing part of a long and mysterious narrative. Also one of the best studio visits I had ever done, Rinus is a captivating personality. Introverted at first, but then takes your full attention by surprise.

Louise Bourgeois
Femme, 2005
Xavier Hufkens

No comment – this is just magnificent.

David Nash
Squawk Column, 2020
Galerie Lelong & Co.

Great concept. Quite literally taking pieces of the past, and finding them a renewed vessel.

Nazanin Pouyandeh
L'étang de Diane, 2021
Galerie Sator

Beautiful new find for me.

Reinoud Oudshoorn
P-16, 2016
Patrick Heide Contemporary
Mirella Bentivoglio
Senza titolo (Libro con uovo), 1983
Repetto Gallery
Akureyri, 2015
Repetto Gallery
Laurent Proux
Dans les herbes hautes II (le crépuscule), 2022
Hadassah Emmerich
Pleinairism, 2022
Whitehouse Gallery
Szabolcs Bozó
At the Bukk Mountain, 2022
Almine Rech
Art Brussels