Always on!

Art Collection NYC
Feb 23, 2018 11:11PM

"Always on" is how John C. Kuchera describes what it's like to be in the art world.

"I wake up and the first thing I do even before I use the bathroom is to check our email and social media standings". After coffee and a light breakfast, I review appointments and artworks that have to ship out. With a dozen or so inquiries and request for more information on artworks in my inbox, I know most go nowhere, but you have to respond as quickly as you can or you will lose the lead.  Next, I move on to phone calls that need to be returned and as my yellow legal pad fills up quickly with dates and times and other commitments I am already running late.  It takes until late in the afternoon to catch up with all the must-do items. Depending on the day it is either late lunch or early dinner, the late lunches are mostly meetings for new business, friends and even sometimes my wife. The early dinners that sometimes turn into later outings are to secure commitments with longtime clients and collectors that I know will most likely purchase a few paintings and various other things I have going on in this world. It is now late in the evening and I have a nightcap and close my eyes and sort of imagine all the things to do the next day in the form of puzzle pieces that somehow I have to fit together.

John C. Kuchera is the Director of www.ArtCollection.NYC

Contemporaries in the art world: Noel Donaldson, Ava Day, John C. Kuchera (Yonko) and Hans Wolf.

Art Collection NYC