Events 2016

Apr 1, 2016 8:27PM

ARTtours 2016 

Discover ART COLOGNE 2016 during a one-hour ARTtour. Experienced art historians of the Museumsdienst Cologne will guide you to the highlights of the trade fair and are available to answer your questions. Hear the background stories from gallery owners and find out what is currently moving the art market. What is the trend? What is being bought? 

Tickets for the public tours can be purchased at the stand of the Museumsdienst Cologne in passage 3/11 in front of the escalators.

ART COLOGNE Talks Lounge 2016

It has always been the courageous borderlinings (borderliners) that have impelled the visual arts to peak performances. No longer accepting the ends of their own noses as a horizon, artists have repeatedly made cheerful use of the many neighboring disciplines, from literature through music to design. The results of these friendly raiding parties have usually been multi-faceted and at the same time inspiring for other artists. Up to the present day. Under the title "Borderlinings", the various talks at this year's ART COLOGNE are dedicated to the phenomenon of skillful "borderlinings" in art.

NADA Lounge

Continuing ART COLOGNE's cooperation with the New Art Dealers Alliance (NADA) for a fifth year, COLLABORATIONS presents collaborative projects between galleries, their artists, project Spaces, and others in creating a dynamic and unexpected mix of presentations. 

The aim of the 'COLLABORATIONS' section is to spark interaction – for example between an emerging gallery and an established gallery, or between a Gallery and an artist or curator, encompassing different artistic trends, approaches, and fostering a dialog across national borders.

ZADIK special exhibition

Anniversary publication "Art Cologne 1967-2016. The First Art Trade Fair" 

The Zentralarchiv des Internationalen Kunsthandels (ZADIK e.V.) is presenting its own comprehensive anniversary publication of more than 400 pages for the trade fair. It reviews the diverse and multifaceted history of the 'International Art Market' year by year. The history of the world's first trade fair for modern and contemporary art is treated in detail with extensive texts, opulent images and many reproductions of documents and press reports. Quotes and contributions from important personalities and companions bring 50 years of the Cologne Art Market back to life. 

The publication is being presented by the Verlag Walther König (Cologne) and will be available at the trade fair in the ART COLOGNE-Shop or in bookstores for the price of Euro 38.00. 

Special Events

Special event "Eins, zwei Wechselschritt – 50 years of ART COLOGNE and the avant-garde in Contemporary Art in Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands" 

A special event at Entrance South of the trade fair takes a look at 50 years of exchange and the mutual influence among artists from Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands. 

Under the title 'Eins, zwei, Wechselschritt – 50 years of ART COLOGNE and the avant-garde in Contemporary Art in Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands', one artist each from Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands, who were characteristic of the respective decade, will be presented in five sections. Presented will be works by Joseph Beuys, Marcel Broodthaers, Panamarenko, Georg Baselitz, Rosemarie Trockel, Marlene Dumas and Peter Buggenhout, among others. The sixth section refers to the year 2016 and presents three contemporary artists, Sine Van Menxel, Melanie Bonajo and Nora Schultz. 

The special event is curated by Ellen de Bruijne and Stella Lohaus, and is supported by the Mondriaan Fund, Flanders Arts Institute, the Kingdom of the Netherlands, the General delegation of the Government of Flanders in Germany and Koelnmesse. 

Venue: Entrance South


Special event for the 50th anniversary of ART COLOGNE 

On the occasion of its 50th anniversary, ART COLOGNE presents an exhibition on the moving image in art curated by Philipp Fürnkäs as an official special event. 

The result is a compact overview of artistic creation in this medium extending over 5 decades from the founding of the Kölner Kunstmarkt in 1967 to the present. Two works will be shown as significant positions of their time for each decade in the context of the influence of the art production in the Rhineland. The result is an exemplary representation of the historic development of the moving image in art, especially with regard to the influence of the Rhenish art currents of the last 50 years. 

A specially developed exhibition architecture ensures that a concentrated experience space comes into being for visitors in hall 11.2. The carefully installed works are accompanied by appropriate wall texts and a folding brochure with a room plan as an overview. 

Given the increasing importance of moving image media in current international art production, the exhibition would like to go beyond the retrospective character of a selective look back over 5 decades. For this reason, primarily contemporary tendencies will make up a good part of the diverse, current spectrum of the medium within the selection for the last 20 years, in which the moving image has continuously increased in importance not only in the exhibition, but also in the art market. In addition to this, the selection on the whole strives to enable a potential forecast of the future development and significance of this special form of artistic expression.

ART COLOGNE Insurance Talks 2016

Depreciation in value? - Reality or fiction? – Curse or blessing?

Beuys' bathtub, cleaned, restored and back in circulation. One of the examples of how a work of art can be reborn after a total loss. Did it depreciate in value due to improper handling on the part of cleaning personnel? If yes, how high is the depreciation in value estimated? How and by whom is the depreciation in value determined? What happens when double the price is paid following a compensated depreciation in value? Must one repay the depreciation in value? 

Some museums now only orient their insurance values to the material value. Is this a way out of increasing values and insurance premiums? What does this mean for claim settlement? Do political decisions influence the determination of the value of a work of art, and can this result in insurable damages? 

A wide range of questions concerning a subject most would like to avoid. On the 50th anniversary of Art Cologne we take on this hot potato, for which clear rules apply in other types of insurance (z.B. Schwacke lists or dismemberment schedules) – can these simply be adopted? 

Under the proven moderation of Stefan Kobel, these questions will be discussed by, among others.

Steinway SPIRIO Acts

Preview day: Andreas Feith, winner Steinway promotional award for Jazz will take part at presentation. 

All other days we present as highlight Steinway-Immortals at SPIRIO. Experience the legends like Horowitz oer Art Tatum at Steinway SPIRIO piano. 

Venue: VIP Lounge, hall 11.3