Art New York 2016: Programming

Art New York
Apr 22, 2016 5:45PM

Adrien Brody: "Hooked"

Academy award winner and artist, Adrien Brody, will debut his second series, "HOOKED", which calls upon the viewer to find light in a dark world through a collection of lively, colorful painted fish - at Art New York in conjunction with Benrimon Projects.

Dropfish (Teal), 2016
David Benrimon Fine Art


Presented by Tansey Contemporary| Booth #B10  

Shark Tank host and Lifetime photography artist, Kevin O'Leary's international photo exhibition. All proceeds from sales benefit the Perry J. Cohen Foundation ( and teenage entrepreneurs.

Image courtesy of Art New York.


Presented by Tansey Contemporary| Booth #B10 

A special installation commissioned & curated by Joe Ficalora, Founder of the Bushwick Collective.

All proceeds from sales will benefit the Perry J. Cohen Foundation ( and Teenage Entrepreneurs. The installation features two individual realist paintings by artists, SIPROS and SEE TF. SIPROS’ work will feature New York Jets 7X All-Pro Cornerback Darrelle Revis. Revis and SIPROS will be present for the unveiling on May 3rd. SEE TF’s work will feature NY Giants Cornerback Janoris Jenkins. Jenkins and SEE TF will be present for the unveiling on May 4th. 

Image courtesy of Art New York.


A curated projection program by Regine Basha  

We all know that digits refer to numbers (and the digital to code) but we may forget sometimes that it also refers, literally, to our fingers and toes. This is our first source of technology. How is the digital realm affected by this first source of technology - the body ? How does the hand physically participate in forming our digital perceptual experiences. When we are purposefully made of aware of the handiwork behind the digital, how is the artwork perceived?  

This program focuses on the physicality of the handmade, hand-built and hand-driven sources in digital works or moving images as we might also call them. In some cases, the hand may produce an imbalance, or a perceived ‘flaw’ purposefully triggering our sense of empathy or pathos, such as with the social-media satirical work of artist Birgit Rathsmann and her collaborators. In other cases, the hand may be involved in semi-nostalgic references to our life and style before the digital ubiquity, as with the vintage dance party/club, ‘The Shape’ by Carmelle Safdie. In Brent Green’s stop-motion animation, the hand produces rudimentary Dubuffet-like sculptural forms and drawn narratives reminiscent of childhood or earlier eras. Evidence of the hand-at-work also can create a sense of slowness and presence of mind, such as with the painted animation work about TM (Transcendental Meditation) by Joey Fauerso. Leah Beeferman and Kristin Lucas, both work with hybrid constructs of the digital and the hand; in the case of Beeferman this translates into images reflecting her experience of space and time in given natural environments; while for Kristin Lucas, it’s more about how the human register is physically and psychologically disoriented within the digital realm.  

Artists: Leah Beeferman, Joey Fauerso, Brent Green, Kristin Lucas, Birgit Rathsmann and Carmelle Safdie.  

About the Curator: Regine Basha is a Brooklyn-based independent curator, writer, and consultant who has over twenty years of curatorial experience throughout North America. She is a graduate of the 1996 class of the Center for Curatorial Studies at Bard College, New York. For Basha, no two projects are alike; her inventive approach considers the very specific contexts or situations for the production of or engagement with new work by contemporary artists– whether installed throughout an entire town (Marfa Sessions), as an intervention into a corporate office (Bloomberg Headquarters), a radio presentation (Tuning Baghdad for, a series of discreet projects in a collector’s home (Fluent~Collaborative), a massive open call for gifts to Sol LeWitt (Cabinet / Mass MoCa) or a large-scale group show in an abandoned heritage building (When you Cut Into the Present The Future Leaks Out, NLE at the Old Bronx Courtouse). She frequently engages collaboration, site, and connective tissue between diversified fields of knowledge as part of her curatorial practice. She has advised The Museum of Art and Design, The Queens Museum, Creative Capital, Sculpture Center, Art in General, Columbia University MFA Thesis Students, Fridman Gallery and sits on the board of Art Matters, The SETI Artist in Residency program and The Shandanken Project. Her curatorial history may be found on

Artist: Joey Fauerso; Image courtesy of Art New York.


A curated sound program by Christoph Cox

“Sound Positions” presents audio artworks by an international selection of established and emerging artists from North America, Europe, and Asia. The works provide a sampling of some of the most prominent and compelling practices in sound art today: electronic composition, field recording, audio poetry, experimental documentary, and sound collage. Each work invites the listener to enter into an alternate sonic world that rewards careful and sustained attention – for a minute, a half hour, or longer.

Artists: Lawrence Abu Hamdan, Olivia Block, Maria Chavez, Holly Herndon, Ernst Karel, Matt Krefting, Chris Kubick, Jake Meginsky, Aura Satz, Jennifer Walshe, Yan Jun and Dajuin Yao.

About the Curator: Christoph Cox is Professor of Philosophy at Hampshire College and visiting faculty at the Center for Curatorial Studies, Bard College. He is the author of Sonic Flux: Sound, Art, and Materialism(forthcoming) and Nietzsche: Naturalism and Interpretation (California, 1999) and co-editor of Realism Materialism Art (Sternberg, 2015) and Audio Culture: Readings in Modern Music(Continuum, 2004). The recipient of an Arts Writers Grant from Creative Capital/Warhol Foundation, Cox is editor-at-large at Cabinet magazine. His writing has appeared in OctoberArtforumJournal of the History of PhilosophyThe WireJournal of Visual CultureOrganised SoundThe Review of Metaphysics, and elsewhere. He has curated exhibitions at the Contemporary Arts Museum Houston, The Kitchen, New Langton Arts, and G Fine Art Gallery and other venues.

Artist: Aura Satz; Image courtesy of Art New York.


Art in Public Spaces positions provocative installations and large scale site specific projects by individual artists whose galleries are participating in Art New York and CONTEXT New York. Art New York and CONTEXT New York will both be marked by exceptional masterpieces among modern classics and with cutting-edge throughout the space.

Artist: Goran Tomcic; Image courtesy of Art New York.

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