Circuit of Affordable Pleasures

Art Rio 2013
Aug 27, 2013 10:05AM

Curator: Claudia Hersz, Artist

The relationship between nature and culture compose a question that for many centuries has occupied mankind's thoughts. This circuit, besides highlighting this "carioca" paradox at each step, allows the enjoyment of the city and its fine pleasures at a low cost. It can be done entirely by public transport - bus and subway - and provides the city with a pleasant intimacy for its visitors. Click to take a virtual tour of the city's postcards: La Mer est Devenue Serton

Parque Eduardo Guinle / Eduardo Guinle Park  

Acesso pela Rua Gago Coutinho (Laranjeiras) / Access through Gago Coutinho Street (Laranjeiras)  

Built as a private garden in the 1920s, its gardens were designed by the French landscapist Gérard Cochet, with some later interventions by Burle Marx. Its vicinity, with a set of buildings designed by Lucio Costa and built in 1954, is alive with preserved examples of modern architecture that is full of Brazilianness. Largo do Machado station subway.   

Padaria Bassil no Saara / Bassil Bakery at Saara  

Rua Senhor dos Passos, 235 / Senhor dos Passos Street, 235

We head towards Bassil Bakery, through the subway (getting off at President Vargas station). Located in the heart of SAARA - a popular commercial area - it is the guardian of part of its history: it was founded in 1913, in an area where merchants were Arabs and Jews, and still make their bread and esfihas in a permanently-lit, wooden stove (only out during carnival). Take the opportunity to get to know the local commerce, and start up in the practice of urban archeology: unique objects and clothes can be found for great prices! 

Feirinha da Praça XV  / Fair at Square 15  

Praça XV  / Square 15  

Originally a fair for bartering, it swallowed the antiques fair in the neighborhood that happens on Saturdays, and consists of three subtly distinct businesses: antiques, in front of the Imperial Palace and the Pier Pharoux (get to know the vicinity!), trinkets collected by recyclers at the other end of what I call "Pororoca", the meeting point for these two worlds in the middle of the fair, where one can find from the bric-a-brac to valuable objects. Having practiced urban archeology at SAARA, you will certainly be able to find here your object of desire here. 

Aterro do Flamengo / Flamengo Embankment  

Parque do Flamengo, s/n / Flamengo Park  

Conceived by Lota de Macedo Soares and built in the 60's, this immense urban park was designed and landscaped by Burle Marx, and is the home for the Museum of Modern Art, the World War II Soldier Monument, the Glória Marina, as well as leisure and sports facilities.  

Praia Vermelha / Red Beach 

Próximo à Praça General Tibúrcio  / Next to the General Tibúrcio Square 

Enjoy the intimacy of the city, behind the scenes at the city's postcard. Located behind the Sugarloaf, this small beach, early in the morning, gives us the feeling of being Pedro Alvares Cabral upon discovering Brazil. Its waters are usually clean, since it is the first open beach of Rio de Janeiro. Be sure to observe the fine example of art deco architecture that is the Army School.  

Pedra do Leme e Forte Duque de Caxias (Forte do Leme) / Leme Rock and Fort of the Duke of Caxias (Leme Fort)

Praça Almirante Júlio de Noronha, s / n - Leme / Admiral Júlio de Noronha Square - Leme  

Looking at the sea, from the far left of the beach, one finds the Rock of Leme, where one has a full view of Copacabana Beach, whose beautiful curvature - associated with the illumination of street lamps from the 50's - created the expression "Pearl Necklace" to define this view. Beside it,  one finds the Fort of the Duke of Caxias. The ascent by a cobblestone roadway through the woods takes about half and hour, and at every turn there is a different landscape. The Forte is up there since 1722, when its role was to defend the coast from French and Dutch invaders. It is open from Tuesday to Sunday from 9:30 to 16:30. Tickets: R $ 4. On rainy days, visits are suspended.  

Bar do David no Morro do Chapéu Mangueira / David's Bar on the Hill of Chapéu Mangueira  Ladeira Ary 

Barroso, 66  / Ary Barroso Hill, 66  

Satisfy your hunger and quench your thirst after this circuit at the Bar do David, located within the Community of Chapéu Mangueira. This talented chef offers quality food and super cold bottled beers at great prices. I strongly recommend the seafood feijoada and the breaded shrimp.

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Art Rio 2013