Unveiling Six Special Projects at the 2015 Fair

Art Toronto
Oct 15, 2015 6:24PM

Art Toronto is delighted to announce this year's Projects, which will be unveiled at the fair from October 23-26. Each making their debut in Toronto, these six site-specific installations will transform the landscape of the 2015 fair. Patrons are encouraged to discover and oftentimes, interact with these unique projects.

The WiFi is the Body - 8eleven

The WiFi is the Body is a sculpture project playing on the premise that most art fairs offer sub-standard internet connections, a grand sculptural gesture of a head arks an even greater body made entirely out of wi-fi.

Pièce pour cinq interprètes, lumière rose et silence - Stéphane Gilot

Presented during the last edition of the Havana Biennial and designed to bring into play notions of interiority and exteriority, the piece is the synthetic expression of a world. While its external structure, resembling a greyish bunker, suggests a hermetic world, the interior, taking on the appearance of a vaulted cell, implied an idea of grandeur.

Self Actualizers: SYSTEM SYSTEM SYSTEM - Karen Lofgren

Self Actualizers create surprising points-of-discovery throughout Art Toronto with forms reminiscent of large spider webs. They are composed of collaged exotic-colored leather panels, emblazoned with branded and painted text, suspended from ceilings and walls. The works visually make use of a pyramid style to communicate hierarchy, based upon Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs" and his psychological "Theory of Motivation" structures.

Bhutan Abstractions - Ricardo Mazal

Drawing on his previous explorations into themes of life, death, transformation and regeneration, Ricardo Mazal has composed a new series of abstract paintings focusing on the colourful, billowing prayer flags of the Himalayan Kingdom.

A Piano Listening To Itself - Gordon Monahan

Six long piano wires are suspended from the second-floor railing of the lobby and are connected to a piano positioned on the floor below. At the connecting point above, audio recordings played into an amplifier are transmitted into the long piano strings using vibrating coils in small motors attached to the wires, which cause the piano strings to vibrate in sympathy with the audio signals. The vibrations in the piano strings are transmitted down the long piano wires and are amplified by contact to the piano soundboard below. The audio recordings are thus reproduced without any loudspeakers—instead, the motor coils, the long piano wires, and soundboard become substitutes for a loudspeaker system.

The Cleansing - Tommy Salzl

The Cleansing is an immersive world of contrasts, a lovingly rendered world that captures the viewer with the superficial tranquility of an idyllic suburban home. Transported over the threshold of an almost cartoonish painted red curtain, we enter another realm filled with sounds of singing birds, children, and church bells, into Tammy Salzl's world—where things are strange and unnervingly familiar.

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