BLOG: Book Review of "A History of Exhibitions: Shanghai 1979–2006"

Jan 21, 2015 5:15AM

You may wonder why we would want to add yet another book on Chinese art into our already overflowing office shelves. But let me explain. This publication is not your average Chinese art book. A History of Exhibitions: Shanghai 1979–2006 (2014) is a treasure trove of documentation on a lesser known part of Chinese contemporary art history.

Published by the Centre for Chinese Contemporary Art, in Manchester, UK, the book chronicles 34 seminal artist-initiated exhibitions held in Shanghai between 1979 to 2006. The publication is a compendium of archival materials assembled by Shanghai-based curator Biljana Ciric, and it was developed from her curatorial research undertaken for the exhibition “History in the Making: Shanghai 1979–2009,” held at the Shanghai Zendai Museum of Modern Art in 2009.