NEWS: Renowned Thai Artist Thawan Duchanee Dies at 74

Sep 10, 2014 4:55AM

On September 3, Thai artist Thawan Duchanee passed away at 74, as a result of complications from hepatitis.

Thawan is best known for his startling renditions of Buddha, as well as demons and beasts, with bold black swirls. His works are striking in both their visual energy and narratives of violence and insanity.

A Chiang Rai native, Thawan demonstrated his artistic talents from an early age. He received a scholarship from the Thai Ministry of Education to study at Poh Chang Arts and Crafts College, Bangkok. He then majored in painting at Silpakorn University, studying under the Italian-born sculptor Silpa Bhirasri. Upon graduation, he received a postgraduate fellowship from the Dutch Ministry of Education to study at the Royal Academy of Visual Arts in Amsterdam.