REVIEW: "From 3G to 4G" @ Karin Weber Gallery, Hong Kong

Jul 18, 2014 5:08AM

Across from PMQ, the new arts hub in Hong Kong, is the Karin Weber Gallery, which is currently hosting “From 3G to 4G,” a group exhibition of eight young Hong Kong artists and collectives on the subject of mobile phones. Inspired by the multiple roles that the gadget juggles—to express, impress, communicate, share, exclude and many more—these emerging artists have translated their interpretations of what mobile phones mean into artworks of various mediums, including drawing, sculpture, prints and installations. 

Past the gallery’s front door, which is decorated with colorful text spelling out phrases commonly used by Hong Kong netizens (such as “boy god <3” and “Laugh die me”), viewers are first greeted by art collective Rental United’s RU9UP (2014), a photo print featuring screenshots of a Facebook messaging conversation between the users “RU9UP,” “Stephanie” and “Timothy.” The three founders of Rental United are Damon Tong, Stephanie Sin and Timothy Zau, so it is not difficult for viewers to identify the artwork as an internal conversation among the collective members on studio and other art-related matters.