REVIEW: Interview(s): Heman Chong in Collaboration with Anthony Marcellini @ London's Wilkinson Gallery

Mar 26, 2013 6:02AM

The eight long rows of mirror-topped tables lined with hundreds of objects at London’s Wilkinson Gallery look like stalled conveyor belts. The eye skits from misshapen metal tools to Artforum ads that have undergone origami incisions. Identical geometric paintings, resembling untitled book covers, are propped between bookends, bound by a ribbon, or else stacked one atop the other. Then there are the insistently store-bought and unaltered objects: two piles of chrome paperclips gleam celestially under the spotlights.

What are these many disparate objects? “Interview(s)” is a collaboration between Singaporean artist Heman Chong and Sweden-based artist Anthony Marcellini who, over the course of four months, each collected 100 objects separately without discussion before meeting a week before the exhibition to assemble the installation. 

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