REVIEW: "Qu4rtets" Exhibition @ Hong Kong University Museum and Art Gallery

Oct 15, 2014 5:23AM

“Qu4rtets” is a multi-genre project inspired by TS Eliot’s poem Four Quartets (1945). A collaborative response to the poem’s message on time, eternity and mortality, the project comprises an exhibition of paintings by artists Bruce Herman and Makoto Fujimura, as well as a concert featuring musical compositions by Christopher Theofanidis. Currently on a global tour, “Qu4rtets” had its Asia debut last month in Hong Kong, as part of the three-week-long art festival “The Still Point,” whose title is itself a reference to Eliot’s poem.

“Qu4rtets” offers a comprehensive art package for the audience, with complementary artists talks, recitals and lectures, among others. During a preview discussion of “The Still Point,” which took place on the all-too-significant night of September 11, the artists of “Qu4rtets” elaborated on the project, as well as their personal attachments and motives behind it.