REVIEW: "The List" @ Campbelltown Arts Centre, New South Wales, Australia

Sep 10, 2014 4:47AM

“The List” at Campbelltown Arts Centre is an exhibition focusing on relational art practices. Curator Megan Monte commissioned a selection of artists to create multimedia works over the course of two years, with quarterly art residencies in the Western suburb communities of Sydney, and the results are what form this group show.

Artist Tom Polo listened to commuters on the South Sydney train line and painted posters spelling out sentiments that were most commonly heard on these journeys. For the exhibition, these signs are displayed on a television screen, flashing like cue cards: “All I know / Is That / We / Just keep / Doubting / Ourselves.” Elsewhere on view is Daniel McKewen’s Dialog (all works 2014), comprising a stack of six screens that each show lips reciting different answers from an internet survey, in which the artist asked people for their favorite quotes from movies and television shows.