Pieces of the Wind

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Oct 2, 2019 3:15AM

The pieces of the wind, black dance – the dynamic fouin wild plants’ last moments

I reflect and homogenize human life in nature, especially annual plants. I observe objects, think about them, write poems and also put them in a video, to metaphorize their final gestures into a black dance in holographic glint of mother-of-pearl work.

On a winter day of 2010, I was fascinated by the silhouette of withering annual plants in the air. Since then, I have been looking for these plants every winter. When I looked at the plants against the sun light in the air, their gestures seemed to exert their highest constituent beauty, even though they were only weeds in the fields, depicting desolate death past the green renaissance.

They may have encountered warm, vibrant springs, rich greens in summer, and autumn that resembles sunset glows. Then, they would have met a winter saying goodbye to the migratory birds.

The final appearance of their lives, as if they were the lightest body ever since coming out into the world, seeming to be ready to blow all the moisture into the air with their black dance and to return to the providence of nature, leaving no regrets at all. It comes not so different from our human life. So, as if humans lived for decades, they seem to concentrate human life within a year. Is that so? Their dynamic movements by cold wind on the field seem to be their last history, last struggle and pieces left by the wind, scattered in the air before returning to the ground.

The mother-of-pearl, the art material borrowed to express these gestures, became the ever-changing color of the sky, making it a great medium to describe their gestures as margins rather than margins. This unique mother-of-pearl color resembles a sky color that changes over time with a glow that is difficult to define. On the other hand, in contrast to the splendid margins, these withering plants are represented in black. This black signifies both the cycle of death and the nature's providence to the next generation, which suggests a new beginning, just as the forest is burned down, and nature nourishes it, creating new possibilities only after its extinction.

- Artist Note (Ewon Moon)

a black dance - 1909bj, diameter 60cm , mother-of-pearl on wooden panel, 2019

a black dance - 1909bo, 60 x60cm, mother-of-pearl on wooden panel, 2019

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