Re-endowing the Common through Resisting the Common

Artbit Gallery
Oct 23, 2019 3:37AM

Kim Youngjoo’s solo exhibition < ( ) > for resistance to the era of excessive art and artistic images

The artist presents the planarity of color and form that seems almost absent-minded, stating: “Canvas is not a subject for reenacting something or for creating a new image through instructions or projection. The creator’s inertial works of calling may appear obvious but modern society is like mythology that has lost its power.” Whatever it is that holds long durability, ‘it’ by itself holds convention and inertia. With a resisting attitude, the artist questions the listless and repetitive habits and gives the ‘planar’ place value to the deeds and results of the pre-existing, endowing a new understanding and novelty to the original state. Through creating an experimental frame, this exhibition breaks from the conventional conditions surrounding images and painting on canvas, which is the icon of tradition, and delivers the independence and expressive perception of the creator in the era of excessive images.

Working with painting and installations, the artist Kim Youngjoo majored in Korean Art at Ewha Womans University and received an MFA from the Chelsea College of Art and Design, London, UK. She has held 3 solo exhibitions, including an Opening Exhibition at B39 Cultural Complex in Bucheon, and an Invitational Exhibition at Artbit Gallery.

An Approach to Painting 180°, 120x120x17cm, 2019

Youngjoo Kim
Painterly Side, 2019
Artbit Gallery
Artbit Gallery