ARTBO 2018: Programming

Oct 10, 2018 7:10PM
Carmelo Arden Quin
Le Chien, 1950
Leon Tovar Gallery

PRINCIPAL SECTION - Each year ARTBO invites galleries from around the world to participate in a careful selection process, led by a Committee integrated by prominent figures from the international and the national art scene. The main section selection is a balance between well-established galleries recognized for their trajectory, emerging galleries and galleries with cutting-edge perspectives.

PROYECTOS - A curated section that showcases projects by recognized contemporary artists, represented commercially by a gallery, selected and invited by a curator.

REFERENTES - This section explores works by artists who have shifted paradigms of art history and thus have become important references for artist after them, as well as starting points for what has been defined as contemporary art.

SITIO - This section offers galleries the possibility to feature artworks, projects or actions that transcend their booth space. It seeks to cover a wider field of contemporary art practices and present large-scale installations.

ARTECÁMARA - This section features the work of young Colombian artists, with no gallery representation, who are selected by a curator through a national and public call for applications.

FORO - A space for learning and discussing topics related to contemporary art. The talks aim to expand the traditional lecture format with actions and performances.

ARTICULARTE - A space for experimentation and collective production, created to raise awareness and bring the general public closer to contemporary art practices.

LIBRO DE ARTISTA - A selection of art book publishers take part in this section, showing the work of artists that use books a medium.