Guy de Cointet: Tempo Rubato

Jan 27, 2014 5:02PM
Featured image, of Kristor Hokanson, Guy de Cointet, Berit Hokanson and Manuel Fuentes reading/performing Cointet's TSNX C24VA7ME, A Play in 4 Acts by Marc Hun in 1974, is reproduced from Guy de Cointet: Tempo Rubato, published by Fundación/Colección Jumex. Essayist Magalí Arriola writes, "This work (also known as the red book) was written based on a random association of numbers and letters that, as Marie de Brugerolle states, 'in theory (...) is meaningless, yet it takes on meaning once it is read aloud, acted, performed,' the result being a series of inscrutable dialogues."
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