Jessica Todd Harper: The Home Stage

Nov 25, 2014 6:30PM
"Christopher with Nicholas and Catherine (Descent from the Cross)" (2009) is reproduced from Jessica Todd Harper: The Home Stage. Alain de Botton writes, "Jessica Todd Harper is one of the greats at work today because of what her images do for us. Let me explain: one of our major flaws is that we find it hard to take note of what is always around while longing restlessly for what lies out of reach. Harper works with ordinary life in the family, an especially poignant subject, because marriage and life with children are always buffeted and frustrated by inescapable difficulties. A good enough family life is still one shot through with conflict. We may take little note of daily life with our family members and our surroundings because we rest assured that we have already seen them clearly enough. But Harper opens our eyes. She recognizes the worth of a modes moment and marshalls her generous to bring its qualities to our notice. Her astonishing, beautiful and quietly stunning images proudly contradict our prejudices by foregrounding all that we are likely to have missed."
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