Patrick Demarchelier

Jan 8, 2015 4:50PM
"Puffy, East Hampton" (1999) is reproduced from Patrick Demarchelier, first published by STEIDL in 2009 and still one of the most beautiful fashion monographs ever printed. In her introduction Anna Wintour writes, "Patrick was one of the very first photographers to make the connection between fashion and lifestyle; his pictures convey how a woman interacts with style and the stylish world around her. The rest of the industry has been catching up with his vision—the ease, the charm, the naturalism, and the endless sunny optimism… His vision flows from his eye to the finished print without so much as a hint of drama, or tension, or conflict. And if Patrick is able to convey the good live in is pictures, it's because he lies that way himself. He has found an equilibrium that's pretty unusual in this industry. He has his wife Mia, and his three sons, and his dachshund Puffy whom he dotes on. He works, he windsurfs, he works, he sails, he works, he travels—and he tackles all of it with that easy-going, unflappable nature of his. He doesn't concern himself with neurotically worrying about whether a shoot will work or not. He told me once that, 'Everyone has one good picture in them.' And as this monograph attests, Patrick is blessed with an inexhaustible supply of them."
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