Ragnar Axelsson: Last Days of the Arctic

Dec 17, 2013 4:23PM

Reviewing Ragnar Axelsson's remarkable book of photographs of the changing face of life in the Arctic, The New York Times wrote, "He has trekked through glacial storms, fallen through rifts and awakened on ice that has drifted out to sea. But Ragnar Axelsson just keeps coming back. For many years, he has been traveling to small Inuit villages in Greenland's most remote regions, documenting hunting traditions that are 4,000 years old. His stark photographs capture a place of extremes, bathed in surreal white Arctic light. Cathedral-like icebergs miniaturize man, a hungry sled dog howls and a hunter in a frosted hood meets you with his tired gaze." This is one of the most powerful and relevant books of documentary photographs available today, as well as an essential resource for anyone interested in climate change.

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