Stephen Shore: Uncommon Places, The Complete Works

Jan 23, 2015 5:09PM
In Aperture's new, expanded edition of Stephen Shore's seminal photobook, Shore writes, "In 2014, I have had the chance to further expand Uncommon Places: The Complete Works by adding twenty more images, many of which have never been published. As you most likely surmised, the previous edition was not really “complete,” though it was a vastly enlarged version of the original edition. Over the course of each passing decade, I keep returning to this body of work and rediscovering images. Friends ask me why this keeps happening. I have three answers: 1. Technical. A number of negatives from the ’70s couldn’t be printed due to technical issues. This included about ten days of shooting from 1973 that the lab I was using underdeveloped. These problems can now be digitally corrected. 2. Logical/Aesthetic. Like any artist, I have aesthetic questions that are in the forefront of my thinking at any given time—the questions I’m working on. These necessarily color how I view my past work. I’m often less interested in past pictures which deal with questions that are, for me, resolved. With the distance of time, this fussiness seems to melt away. 3. Hard Truth. I’m a terrible editor of my work. Featured image, "Stanley Marsh and John Reinhardt, Amarillo, Texas, February 15, 1975" is one of the new images that can be found in Uncommon Places: The Complete Works.
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