Mar 6, 2019 1:19AM

Emerging artist Kevin Graham talks to ARTE GLOBALE about his work, photography, the environment and the beauty of our planet.

When did you start working as an artist and why?

I started as an “artist” back in 2008/9 because I had recently relocated from Boston to Miami and wanted to get myself out of the house on off days and truly explore my new environment. As the years passed, the hobby of photography evolved into an art form which now I am blessed to have expanded globally.

How did you get to your current artistic practice?

As odd as it sounds, I’m not sure exactly what my artistic practices are because on a daily basis I believe I evolve as an artist overall. But, if I had to pinpoint one specific part of my practice, I would say I used Instagram, the web, and various other photography blogs to fine tune the “look” I want my photographs to obtain. Which are pieces that have deep and vibrant coloration and intense details to draw the observer in to make them feel like they are literally standing within the scene.

Who or what influenced you?

To be honest, I am self-motivated in terms of what gets me out the door to shoot my next project but overall, my father is the biggest influential figure in my life. He has been able to juggle multiple career paths within his life span and has always encouraged me to “keep your eyes open” to any and all endeavours that may improve the quality of my life.

What is your art concerned with? What do you want to express?

My art is concerned with giving the observer the opportunity to step away from the chaos of daily life and heal through my art form. I want to express calmness and tranquillity when I create each and every piece and give that person or persons a few moments of peace to feel the feelings I felt when capturing these various images.

What brought you to use drones and technologies in your art-photography practice?

I thought of the idea of using drones because living here in South Florida, all of the photos I came across started to look the same. I would sit on the shoreline and thought how magnificent it would be to show the world’s beauty from a bird’s eye view. As technologies advanced, so did I, so that I could be sure that I was giving the observers of my works the very best in image quality so they could feel the peace I felt while capturing these images.

Your ongoing Aerial series provokes a sense of wellbeing, how did this project start? What was the inspiration behind this?

Honestly, I pay very close attention to what is happening around the world. There is lots of mistreatment and destruction happening globally but at the same time, there is a lot of beauty that exists and needs to be captured in order to motivate people the necessity of overall change. I believe we can do better as to the way we are treating our planet and we really must do so. My intention when I decided to venture into the world of professional photography was always to heal and motivate through art. If I’m able to make a positive impact to just one soul on this planet then I have succeeded. But obviously, the goal is to impact a whole lot more!

Do you think that your works would help the narrative about the future of our planet and the environmental threats on both a local and a global scale?

I believe that my works help add to the conversation that we need to preserve all the good we have on this planet as add some urgency to the direction we intend to head in moving forward. As my work evolves, I do believe we will have the ability to compare and contrast the missteps we have taken in the past and progression we have implemented on a local and subsequent global level. The world is OURS and we must do better.

In conversation with independent art critic Irene Amore and Anna De Luca, Arte Globale Editor in Chief, EU division.

Aerial series large scale photographic works by Kevin Graham are on show during Armory Week at Scope New York 2019 ARTE GLOBALE Booth 51