arteBA 2017 Sections and Programs

Feb 23, 2017 7:36PM

arteBA is a galleries’ fair, and the artists are part of the galleries proposals to participate. arteBA has open call sections like the Main Section (which includes Special Projects and Cabinet) and Barrio Joven Chandon; and curated sections like U-TURN Project Rooms and Solo Show. Besides, there is Dixit which is a special section with a curated exhibition where the artists participate with their representing galleries and the art publications’ section, Isla de Ediciones.

Courtesy of arteBA Fundación


Main Section:

This section consists of established galleries chosen by an independent selection committee pursuant to review of their applications.

Selection Committee

Ana María Battistozzi (art critic and independent curator, Buenos Aires)
Orly Benzacar (director of Ruth Benzacar Galería de Arte and Meridiano President, Buenos Aires)
Ignacio Liprandi (director of Ignacio Liprandi Arte Contemporáneo Buenos Aires)
Eduardo Brandão (director of Vermelho gallery, São Paulo)
Sabine Schmidt (director of PSM, Berlin)


Special Projects Patio Bullrich

Participation category in the Main Section in which, this year, 16 galleries present a special project with up to three artists, with emphasis on the curatorial. The Main Section Committee itself is responsible for the selection.


Cabinet AA2000

Cabinet is a specific area within the galleries booths in the main section of the fair. In Cabinet, one or more works by a single artist are exhibited. The aim of the section is to show emblematic works by modern and contemporary artists. A consulting committee determines the selection.

Consulting Committee
Ana María Battistozzi (art critic and independent curator, Buenos Aires)
José Luis Blondet (Curator of Special Projects at LACMA, Los Angeles)
Luiza Teixeira de Freitas (independent curator, Lisboa)  



Exhibition section with over 600 square meters that are turned over to a team of curators to organize an exhibition. The thematic point of departure for this year’s proposal is “The future”, with the aim of continuing the debate discussed in the first two issues of the new arteBA magazine.

This section will present works by outstanding artists for museums and private collections, through the artists’ galleries.

Curatorial Team
Sarah Demeuse (writer and independent curator, Brooklyn)
Javier Villa (Curator at Museo de Arte Moderno de Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires)  

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U-TURN Project Rooms

A curator invites galleries to present a specific project featuring up to three artists.

Chris Sharp (writer and independent curator, Mexico City)


Solo Show Zurich

A curator invites Latin American artists and the galleries representing them to take part through individual exhibitions.

Sofía Hernández Chong Cuy (curator of contemporary art for the Patricia Phelps de Cisneros Collection, New York and Caracas)


Barrio Joven Chandon

The participants are new, innovative or alternative spaces representing young emerging artists. They are chosen by an independent curatorial team.

Curatorial Team
Raúl Flores (artist and independent project producer, Buenos Aires)
Miguel A. López (Curator in Chief of TEOR/éTica, San José de Costa Rica, and cofounder of Bisagra, Lima)




Performance Box

Section dedicated to performances with live artists and a video selection presented as part as the Performance Biennial that will be held in May.

Video curator
Rodrigo Alonso (professor and independent curator, Buenos Aires)  

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Isla de Ediciones

A team of curators invites independent presses and publishing houses to make available for public sale books and collections on contemporary art. The section has also an exhibition room and its own auditorium, which hosts book and publishing projects presentations and activities related to the editorial scene.

Curatorial Team
Mariano Mayer (poet and independent curator, Madrid)
Gastón Pérsico (artist and graphic designer, Buenos Aires)
Cecilia Szalkowicz (artist and graphic designer, Buenos Aires)

Courtesy of arteBA Fundación


Open Forum

The Open Forum section, which is open to the public free of charge and with an independent entrance, is a venue where leading international figures in the art world come together to enrich debates on contemporary art. In 2017, the Prime Time Open Forum joins the topic of Dixit, with three conversation panels about “The future”.

Prime Time Open Forum Coordinator
Agustín Pérez Rubio (Artistic Director at Malba, Buenos Aires)


Networking Program

With the intention of stimulating the creation of networks, alliances and collaborations between the Argentine art scene and that beyond our country, curators and directors from art institutions from all around the world are invited to the fair in order to participate of encounters with figures in the local milieu. The Networking Program is a platform for acquaintance-making and for the interaction of the most influential professionals in the current art scene.


Acquisition Program for Museums

arteBA Fundación aims to support the artistic scene encouraging the acquisitions of contemporary artworks by the most important local and international museums. The Acquisition Program contributes to enhance the museums’ patrimonies and to value the Argentinian artists’ works.


Matching Funds arteBA-Banco Ciudad

In order to contribute to the heritage of the country’s institutions, three Argentine museums are invited every year to participate in the program. Banco Ciudad grants a fund that each institution must match or surpass with counterpart funds to acquire art pieces at the Fair that will become part of their collection.  




Madero Harbour Acquisitions Program  

As part of its ongoing support of contemporary art and with the aim of promoting the incorporation of artworks in Real Estate development, Madero Harbour will once again commit to an important program of acquisitions. Curator and art critic Florencia Battiti will be in charge of the selection of works, exhibited at arteBA, which will form part of the collection and Madero Harbour’s new real estate projects. This is the company’s way of taking the helm with actions that demonstrate its commitment to the country’s cultural patrimony, promoting both commercial and cultural exchange.  




La Rural Impulsarte  

In a new edition of Impulsarte, a program aimed at fomenting contemporary art, La Rural will acquire works on exhibit at arteBA 2017. The works selected will become part of the company’s art collection. The members of the Selection Committee in charge of the program are Eva Grinstein (curator and art critic, Buenos Aires) and Victoria Verlichak (writer, journalist and art critic, Buenos Aires).  




Federal Art Program  

A project organized by Argentina’s Cultural Ministry and arteBA Fundación Proyecto Relieves: The Ministerio de Cultura de la Nación –by way of the Secretaría de Integración Federal y Cooperación Internacional– and arteBA Fundación jointly present the Relieves. Experiencias artísticas en territorio (In Relief. In-Territory Artistic Experiences) program. This program proposes to develop a series of artistic actions at different points throughout the country in dialog with local communities. Its objective is to encourage artists to work with the community and to put contemporary art production strategies to work in developing joint projects that enable communities to reflect on their very nature from the standpoint of art by offering moments of pause in everyday experience.

Courtesy of arteBA Fundación

For more information about sections and programming at arteBA, please visit the official arteBA Sections and Programs page here.  


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